US Service Animals – New Delta And United Service Animal Requirements

Delta and United Airlines are adding more requirements and paperwork for service and emotional support animals (ESAs).There are strong feelings about this issue, but for true ESA owners, this is a positive change.

What are the new requirements?

Delta recently announced new rules for service dogs and emotional support animals. Starting March 1st, all service and emotional support animals will require veterinarian letters to prove they are in good health and confirmation papers stating the animal is trained and well-behaved. United has similar new requirements, but only emotional support animals and psychiatric service dogs are required to provide the new requirements. ESAs will need veterinarian papers and confirmation papers proving the animal is healthy and well-behaved. You still need to submit a letter from a mental health professional stating a need for an emotional support animal.

It might seem inconvenient to bring additional forms to the airport, but this requirement will ensure that passengers will not be around sick or aggressive animals. This will keep true working animals safe and healthy.

We Can Help

If all the new rules for flying with Delta or United makes you feel anxious or stressed out, we can help you navigate through the process. Our (amazing) customer service representatives know airline requirements and can help you with additional forms. We offer evaluations with mental health professionals for ESA letters and registration services, all backed with legal support.

If you need help flying, call them at (985) 242-7207.